Must-Have Features of an Outstanding E-Commerce Platform

Your e-commerce website is as good as the platform you use to build it. As online selling continues becoming the norm in today’s business arena, a website is not an exception. To create a site, you need a reliable e-commerce website builder. However, with the technological advancement, web builders are popping up each day. The increase in the builders can be a source of confusion. Especially for a newbie, it can be a tricky affair to get the best match.

For your online business to be successful, your e-commerce platform of choice must be able to solve the needs of you and your buyers. It must enable you to engage effectively and efficiently with your customers. For this to happen, it must have relevant features and elements. Here are the top 3 must-have features of a reliable e-commerce platform:


Simple and easy to
use user interface

When building your site, it is crucial to consider the ease of use. The interface of your website should be easy for your designate customers. You should not make a website that will require a customer to enrol in a computer mastery class to use. Your site should be simple and easy even for the illiterate. Remember, your search engine ranking has a link with the user interface of your free website builder.

If your site has a simple user interface, you will receive more visitors and high conversion rates. Hence, ensure the platform allows you to customize and configure your online store in a way that makes it easy for the clients to find an item, put it in the shopping cart, and process payment without any difficulties.



e-commerce site

In the modern website world, integration is the bread and butter of a successful webpreneur. For you to succeed, you must be able to merge your selling points and operate them at a central position. Your e-commerce website builder must offer you reliable tools to help you integrate your website with other systems in your business and third parties. For instance, you need to integrate your site with payment gateways to enable you process payments. If the builder or platform does not offer an opportunity for this functionality, receiving payment will be a crisis.


Another feature to consider is compatibility. Your e-commerce site must be compatible with modern browsers and trends. Also, it must be able to adapt to future changes. For instance, a customer using the Mozilla Firefox browser should share a similar experience with one using Google Chrome. The same case should happen to one using Safari, OperaMini, and Internet Explorer. By this, you can be sure that you will lose any sales as the customer will share a universal experience despite the browsers they are using.

Responsive and mobile friendly

e-commerce platform

There is no dispute that mobile devices of different sizes are now the shopping tool. Smartphones are no longer communication and text lone devices. With the Internet-enabled features, most people are using mobile devices to buy and sell online. In fact, Google statistics show that searches from mobile devices are growing each month.

e-commerce website builder

As a wise webpreneur, you know that having a mobile-friendly website is one step towards success. Also, the customers are using devices with different screen sizes. Thus, you must ensure your e-commerce website builder has features for optimizing your site for mobile devices and also enables you to make it highly responsive to different screen sizes.

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Final thoughts

As you can see, features are crucial aspects of an e-commerce platform. Regardless of the brand and affordability, if a platform lacks these essential features, building your e-commerce website on it will only fail. Hence, always give an eye to the elements provided before deciding to build your site on a given platform.

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